Tuesday, 15 May 2018

How to fix Norton Security “An Update Error Occurred” issue on Mac?

Now-a-days, updating software is one of the main procedures need to followed by the users to increase the security of the users’ device & data against cyber attacks. The cybercriminals have adopted the strategy of utilizing the code within the antivirus products to harm the users’ device in several ways and use their private or personal data to harm them. To do so, they find some of the bugs within the software code and use it for attacking the users’ device.

As a result, each antivirus or security solution providers like Norton release the updating versions (download it through the link: Norton.com/setup) of its products, to increase the security level of the users’ data & device. Sometimes the users may face some common errors or issues while updating the Norton Security on their Mac devices. Thus, the simplest procedure for resolving the Norton Security “An update error occurred” on Mac devices have been mentioned in the below information.

The Norton Setup updating errors are mostly occurred due to the intermittent errors within the LiveUpdate servers of the Norton Security. As the updating errors are caused on the device, an error message as shown below is displayed on the screen:

An update error occurred.

For getting the updated versions of the Norton setup installed to the device, access the ‘sign in’ page on the link as: Norton.com/setup. And then, login in the Norton My Account. After this, tap the update button displayed in front of the subscribed Norton Security product. Thus, the updated Norton Setup will be downloaded to the device.


Follow the steps detailed below for resolving the Norton Security “An update error occurred” on Mac devices, easily:

Method 1: Update Virus Definitions of the Norton Setup:

  1. Access the official website of Norton setup through the link: Norton.com/setup.
  2. And then, manually download the virus definitions associated with the Norton setup installed to  the device.   
  3. Thus, the file named as “nis6avdefinitions.pkg” will be saved within the “Downloads” folder of the Mac device.
  4. Select the downloaded file and then, click the “Run” button.
  5. After this, follow the instructions displayed on the screen, when prompted to install the virus               definition to the device.

(Important Note: For any help, refer the contact us section on the link as Norton.com/setup.)

Method 2: Execute LiveUpdate of the installed Norton Setup:

  1.  Move to the “Apple Menu bar”, followed by choosing the “Go” option.
  2.  And then, select the “Applications” option.
  3. Now, within the “Applications” Window, a list of the entire apps installed on the Mac device will be displayed.
  4.  From this list, select the “Norton Security” by double-clicking on it.
  5. And then, click the “LiveUpdate” button.
  6. Execute the LiveUpdate until no more available are available for the installed Norton Setup.


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